Whenever you search for something on the internet, you usually get a lot of web pages indexed in numbers. The information can look overwhelming, especially when you see Google and Yahoo ranking information on search engines into many pages. Unfortunately, most people rarely look beyond the third page in search engines. If they cannot find the information they are looking for by the third page, most people change the search terms. Now, you do not know is that those many pages of information they see on search engine result pages is only a small portion of websites in the internet world known as the surface web.

The Surface Web

Through search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and Ask among others, it is easy to find information on almost everything. Today, billions of websites are accessible on the internet through the search engine. Available websites can be overwhelming for a common man. Did you know that the sites you consider overwhelming are only less than 10-percent of what is in the internet world? The billions of websites accessible on search engines are the surface websites. However, just below the surface web, a bulk of the internet that is not easily accessible to a common man known as the deep web is hidden.

Why some websites cannot be found through Google

Search engines like Google find websites with the information you are looking for by crawling links on a website. A website that does not have links cannot be crawled or indexed by search engines; thus the page will not appear on the search page results. Whenever you search for a term on Google, the search engine will crawl the surface web and rank the websites according to their content. The search engines use algorithms that consider things like interlinking and keywords to organize information into an index. However, if the page does not include a direct link, it will not be crawled or indexed in Google’s library.

A Look at the Deep Web

Websites in the deep web do not allow indexing by Google or other public search engines. The web crawlers are also not allowed to gather information and links from the websites on the deep web. The limiting of web crawlers from indexing the websites can be made intentionally or hidden from the search engines as a result of their nature. Website owners use different methods to prevent their access, including disabling search engines and linking of their web pages on the surface websites. The owners can also use technical ways like the use of captcha to limit access. They also require the user to login to access the page. There are also other portals built for specific people that can only be accessed through their credentials.

Is deep web good or bad?

Most people will fear when they hear the word deep web associating it with the bad things, but it is not always bad. Most probably, you use the deep web whenever you are online. Whenever you login into your email account, Amazon account, or online bank account, you are using the deep web. Furthermore, whenever you use specific services to find information hidden from the public eye like cheap flights on Expedia, you are using the deep web. You are also using the deep web when you login into an insurance broker’s website to compare policies. Whenever, you login into a website to access information that will not show up on search engine, you are using the deep web.

In its nature, the deep web is a good thing as it helps protect privacy on most occasions. It can be scary to find your bank account details, Amazon shopping list, or personal details every time you search your name on Google or other search engines. Such personal information should be private; hence search engines are denied accessing the information.

Deeper into the deep web

Deeper into the deep web, you will come across the term dark web. The dark web is part of the deep web, but it only accounts for less than 0.01 percent of the deep web. The dark web, also known as darknet is only accessible to a small portion of internet users. The dark web uses a masked IP address to intentionally hide web pages from web page search forums, search engines, and even standard web browsers. Individuals use special web browsers to access the dark web. TOR (The Onion Router) is a popular browser used in the dark web for its anonymity. Since dark web allows users to browse anonymously, it is mostly used by secret service agents, activists, law enforcement, whistleblowers, researchers, and users banned from internet access.


Whenever you search on the internet, always remember that it is as diverse as the universe. With your naked eyes, you will only be able to view the sun, moon, stars, clouds and occasional airplanes, but deeper into the universe lies galaxies. In the same way, a search engine will only let you view a limited version of the internet.